Friday 29 June 2018

VIDEO PREMIERE: Ukranian progressive stoners Stoned Jesus debut "Hands Resist You"

On September 7th STONED JESUS will deliver their next solid load of progressive stoner rock on Napalm Records entitled “Pilgrims”.  With their fourth album the Ukrainian trio offers much more than your usual Kyuss wannabe or your average desert session band and let’s face it Kyuss hasn’t but out a record for nearly 25 years and we need some fresh jams.

With “Pilgrims”, STONED JESUS have delivered a multi-faceted album mixing groove with noise rock elements, lots of proggy infusions and giant such as Mastodon and Melvins come to mind in terms of tone and texture.  Make no mistake STONED JESUS can’t be pigeonholed and “Pilgrims” is very fine album indeed.  The band comments on the new album:

"This record was inspired by our relentless touring and the feelings you get - or more precisely you lose - because of it. It's weird how disconnected one becomes when constantly surrounded by people. Musically it's pretty different from what we've done, it's more song-oriented but simultaneously more challenging than before - sonically and structurally"

Today THE SLUDGELORD is stoked to host UK premiere of STONED JESUS’ brand new video for “Hands Resist Him” which you can check out below

Band info: facebook || bandcamp