Thursday 27 September 2018

ALBUM PREMIERE: Embrace the vile discomfort of PILLARS seismic "Onward to Nothingness"

Harnessing the powers of anguish and majesty simultaneously, PILLARS carve a tortured place in the psyche of doom and sludge with an unshakably focused assault on the senses. Harsh, brooding, and calculated, the music drags your soul through the muck and buries you, your screams a part of the choir of devastation. Sacrificing the vintage and retro flare commonplace in the genre as of late and replacing it with the vile discomfort of a forgotten past, PILLARS bring only agony and promise only torment. Prepare your grave..

"Onward to Nothingness" is the band’s first full length and is the follow up to their 2017 EP, "Pyres and Gallows". "Onwards to Nothingness" definitely shows the evolution of the band whose sound has matured to a darker and heavier aesthetic. Fans of With the Dead, Bell Witch, Conan, and doom legends Moss, will certainly embrace this offering.  Today THE SLUDGELORD exclusively brings this monumental record is full for your ears only.  Check it out below, so listen in and watch your speakers die.   "Onward to Nothingness" is available now via Seeing Red Records and can be ordered (HERE)

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