Thursday 13 September 2018

RECORDS OF THEIR YEARS:...with KEN mode guitarist/vocalist Jesse Matthewson

Brenna Faris (c)
Winnipeg trio KEN mode made a welcome return with new LP "Loved" at the end of August and is is by far the nastiest entry in their impressive body of work and all the better for it.  Almost 20 years into their existence KEN mode has set the bar for riff-heavy noise rock in 2018.  With the release barely a few weeks old and with the band set to hit the road in support the album we hooked up with guitarist/vocalist Jesse Matthewson to discuss some of his favourite records.  Welcome to RECORDS OF THEIR YEARS...

SL: Favourite album from the year you were born? 

Black Flag, "Damaged" (1981)

Jesse Matthewson: I’d probably have to say Black Flag – "Damaged". There’s no way it’s not the most influential, and even if I don’t listen to it as much anymore compared to other Black Flag records, it probably edges the Birthday Party’s   - "Prayers on Fire" by a smidge in terms of pure enjoyment for my own personal taste. That’s tough though. 

SL: First record you bought with your own money?

Green Day, "Dookie" (1994)

JM: I think it may have been Green Day’s "Dookie". It was pretty much the most popular thing going on at the time with teens/pre-teens, and it sounded fun. I know I ended up selling it maybe a year later because I found it boring…a pretentious piece of shit even at 13.

SL: Favourite non metal / rock album?

Badbadnotgood, "III" (2014) 

JM: Lately, maybe Badbadnotgood’s "III" record. It’s just such a fun sonic mix of jazz, some hip hop, trip hop, whatever. I had a hard jazz kick a couple years ago, and this got way too much play, and has ever since. 

SL: Album that most disappointed you?

KEN mode, "Success" (2015)

JM: I always struggle with questions like this, because it exposes the inherent entitled nature of music listeners. “The piece of art you made this time didn’t connect with me in the same way as that one from a few years ago that fit what I was looking for perfectly; and I expected it to!”

I dunno. I don’t want to throw anyone under the bus on this one. How about this? I’m most disappointed in KEN mode’s "Successbecause it wasn’t what people who like us necessarily wanted to hear as much and we worked really hard on it. How’s that?!

SL: Favourite album of all time or if you prefer album (s) you’d run back into a burning building to rescue

JMN: I don’t have a single record…at this point it’s more of a top 10 maybe. Nirvana’s "In Utero" was a milestone, Melvins, "Ozmaanother…Kittens, "Bazooka & the Hustler", Dazzling Killmen, "Face of Collapse", Today is the Day, "Willpower", Zeni Geva, "Desire for Agony", Tad, "Salt Lick", the Jesus Lizard. "Goat", Rollins Band, "Hard Volume"Drive Like Jehu, "Yank Crime". Maybe it needs to be a top 20. I don’t know. The older I get, the more I hate this kind of question. 

SL:Favourite album (s) of 2018?

JM: Tomb Mold – "Manor of Infinite Forms"
Not Of – "Hypocritic Oath"
Pig Destroyer – "Head Cage"
Nightmarer – "Cacophony of Terror"
The Lion’s Daughter – "Future Cult"
Imperial Triumphant – "Vile Luxury"
Hot Snakes – "Jericho Sirens"
Craft – "White Noise and Black Metal"

SL:..And finally The last album you bought? 

Imperial Triumphant, "Vile Luxury" (2018)

JM: I ordered the Euro pressing of Imperial Triumphant’s, "Vile Luxury" from Throatruiner because I wanted their exclusive coloured vinyl variant. All the cool colours were already sold out at Gilead Media in the US, so screw it…I’ll pay for the extra shipping from France.

"Loved" is available to preorder/buy HERE & HERE

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