Thursday, 7 February 2019

ALBUM PREMIERE: Georgia doom trio Negative Wall prepare sci fi themed debut "Gammagelu"

Georgia doom trio Negative Wall prepares to release their debut album Gammagelu” tomorrow Feb 8th 2019.  Formed just last year by seasoned metal stalwarts Tommy Stewart (bass/vocals), Don Cole (guitar), and Dennis Reid (drums), the band recorded Gammagelu” in seven days following only seven rehearsals.  The album, whose title is Latin for "Frost of Gamma," features three sci-fi themed originals and a cover of Electric Wizard's "Torquemada 71."
“Gammagelu” takes place in a bleak outer space setting where things can go terribly wrong.  "Hybrid Genus Serpentis” tells the bizarre story of a reptilian being who forces himself on a space traveller only to be imprisoned in a capsule by the product of that union, keeping him confined until he is the only living being left in the universe. “Mater Saeva Kp22” (which translates to “The Cruel Mother”), is a reimagining of an old Celtic folk song with a new plot about matricide on an alien planet.  "Imperii Excules" (“Exiled Imperials”) is inspired by an episode of 1960s sci-fi show The Outer Limits where an alien race attempts to start a penal colony on Earth -- with grotesque results.  And as for the Electric Wizard cover, band leader Stewart said, " While not sci-fi, it stylistically fits and is simply a band favorite."

Stewart produced and recorded “Gammagelu” at Blue Ogre Noise Lab in Smyrna, Georgia. The album will be released via Black Doomba Records on digital and CD formats, as well as a special edition three-color numbered vinyl.  Ahead of the release tomorrow check this album in its entirety below.  Preorder

Band info: facebook || bandcamp