Wednesday, 13 February 2019

ALBUM REVIEW: Mastiff, "Plague"

By: Chris Bull

Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 01/02/2019
Label: APF Records

If the universe implodes, "Plague" would undoubtedly be the soundtrack.

“Plague” CD//DD//LP track listing:

1). Hellcircle
2). Bubonic
3). Brainbleed
4). Quarantine
5). Vermin
6). Torture
7). Weep
8). Black Death

The Review:

Without sounding too cliché or lacking in imaginative use of vocabulary, 'Plague' by Mastiff is fucking heavy. I mean REALLY FUCKING HEAVY! If the universe implodes, this will undoubtedly be the soundtrack.

As the hellish screams and guitar scrapes and rumbles give way to the D-beat infused sludgy groove of 'Hellcircle' it's clear that this is the type of fairground ride you'd get in a village fete; terrifying due to its lack of adequate safety and rickety structure. The ride shudders towards the end of the circuit and then slows down...but it's not stopping...'Bubonic' and 'Brainbleed' see you taken around the circuit a couple more times, the safety harness is frayed and coming loose and it looks like one of the wheels is about to fall off, yet no matter how many times or how loud you scream for help, all you get is vocalist Jim Hodge bellowing at you.

'Vermin' sees sparks coming from the wheels as onlookers stare in terror. As it slows down, you're consumed by false hope; "please, just let me off the ride"...but it's no use, 'Torture' has other plans...the safety harness has completely torn and you're heading towards the loop-the-loop, all you can do is cling to the bar in front of you. Tendons are stretched and twisted as the ride hurls you in an upward trajectory then slams you back into your seat, rupturing your tailbone in the process. As you begin to weep, you realise that the onlookers are now smiling sadistically, seemingly enjoying your suffering. As the ride screeches to a halt, the throes of 'Black Death' ring out, nullifying your pain as just a part of your existence. As you're rushed to hospital, battered and bruised, with life altering injuries, you feel a sympathy with the people who did this to you. Much like Stockholm syndrome, you feel as though this ride has awakened you to the realities of life. Pain is inevitable, but everything must end.

“Plague” is available HERE

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