Monday, 24 August 2020

REVIEW: Hidden Mothers, "Hidden Mothers" (EP)

By: Peter Morsellino

Album Type: EP
Date Released: 18/09/2020
Label: Surviving Sounds

“Hidden Mothers” DD//LP track listing:

1). Beneath, To The Earth
2). My Own Worth
3). My Blindness, Your Burden

The Review:

Sheffield UK's own Hidden Mothers make an incredible impression with their debut EP. A devastatingly heavy and emotive piece that will pull on your heartstrings while keeping your head banging for days.

Mixing a beautifully melodic post rock sound with the emotional dissonance of black gaze, Hidden Mothers bring to the table a style that is distinctly their own. The music rises and falls with an intensity rivaling the greats of the post rock genre, with Explosions in the Sky style instrumental passages giving way to extreme turmoil and pained shrieks.  The vocal style I would describe as like Deafheaven but much more emotive, a great improvement in my opinion.

With only three tracks taking up a less than twenty minute time frame, I will say that the EP comes in a bit short in terms of granting the listener the full release promised by the music. To me, this is long form art. I want to sit down with it for an hour and really take in all the feels that are being thrown around, coming out of the experience with a sense of completion.  But hey, I smoke a lot of weed. Anyway, this is a solid start if nothing else.

Hidden Mothers is a band that needs to be watched out for. These guys are going to be accomplishing amazing things with their music.  Grab this EP for a glimpse of what they are capable of and wait patiently for what is sure to be a masterpiece once it comes to fruition.

“Hidden Mothers” is available HERE

Band info: facebook || bandcamp