Friday, 14 August 2020

VIDEO PREMIERE: Pale Horseman, "Tundra"

There’s something about the harsh urban landscapes of Chicago that makes it a breeding ground for sludgy doom metal. Indian, Bongripper, The Atlas Moth, Ledge... and are very own Scientist, that’s just for starters. Another, lesser known name but equally deserving of the spotlight are Pale Horseman, who have been prolific yet consistent in high quality since 2012. Their fifth album, “For Dust Thou Art”, continues the band’s tradition of mixing high-grade misanthropy with apocalyptic visions, and a taste for thundering riffs and rhythms.

We kick off this weekend in magnificent style with the premiere of “Tundra”, with the heaviness of Entombed joining the grandiosity of Mastodon’s sludgy past or Neurosis’ present. Jason Schryver is a powerhouse on drums, driving the song forward at a pace that forces every neck to bend. Resounding Godflesh-esque riffs and thick, intricate bass playing  and the duality Eric Ondo and Andre Almaraz interweaving a melodic sneer and strained howl echoing into the abyss.

The whole song and album for that matter sounds immaculate, so judge for yourself, by checking out the video below.

Band info: facebook || bandcamp