Tuesday 19 January 2016

God Root - "God Root" EP (Review)

By: Chris Bull

Album Type: EP
Date Released: 09/01/2016
Label: Independent

“Godroot” DD track listing:

1). Intro (Spirits Rise)
2). Of Habit
3). Interlude (Bog Ascending)
4). Of Control

The Review:

Former Sadgiqacea vocalist/drummer Fred Grabosky brings us his new project God Root with 4 tracks, two intro/interludes and two 10+ minute bone shakers.

The intro, featuring ominous atmosphere and tribal drums bleeds effortlessly into 'Of Habit' which showcases Fred's shamanic vocals as well as the earthly tones supplied by guitarists Keith Riecke and Joe Hughes and bassist Ross Bradley. As with Sadgiqacea, it's the quiet moments that accentuate the heavy parts and the band blend these moments with pinches of sombre melody and noise/sound manipulation courtesy of Jordan Stiff to create unique heavy music.

'Of Control', the 4th and final track is where everything peaks. Each element is added very carefully as to not over saturate and builds to a crashing finale. Imagine 'Eye Of Every Storm' era Neurosis with John Dyer Baizley circa 'Red Album' on vocals and you'd be halfway there.

A great release for a band in their relative infancy, let's hope they build on the promise of this and create a truly amazing album.

“Godroot” is available to download here

Band info: bandcamp | facebook

Upcoming shows:

February 5th- w/ Inaeona, Coastal Plain, Mob Terror - at Shred Shed, Philly

March 9th- w/ Conan, Serial Hawk - at Kung Fu Necktie, Philly

April 9th- w/ Abacus, Supine, 1 tba - at Shred Shed, Philly