Sunday 10 January 2016

Interview with Greenleaf @ Paradiso, Amsterdam, NL, December 8th 2015

By: Victor Van Ommen
Camera: Martin Luyckx

Greenleaf is the heavy rock power house built around guitarist Tommi Holappa. We know Tommi best from the Swedish stoner rock trailblazers Dozer. What a band that is. The status of Dozer is left somewhat in the middle – will they or won’t they? – so until we know anything more from that camp we can jump on board with Tommi’s other musical endeavor, Greenleaf

Greenleaf got their start around 2001. The band started out as more of a project than a band, never having a consistent line up but instead a revolving door of musicians borrowed from Dozer, Truckfighters, Lowrider, and probably every other Swedish band you know. As the years passed, the band got more and more recognition thanks in no small part to their powerful performances at our favorite parties. 

2016 is going to be an even bigger year for the band because they’re beginning to settle on a formation of musicians and are slated to release a new album on February 26th called, “Rise Above The Meadow.” They’re just off a tour with Clutch and have released a killer lead-off single named “A Million Fireflies” which you can watch here

I got to sit down with guitarist Tommi and singer Arvid after their show with Clutch and ask them a few questions about their past, their current state, and what they hope to see happen in 2016. You can watch that interview here:

Band info: facebook