Tuesday 5 April 2016

The Sludgelord Song Premiere - "Despot" By False Gods

By: Aaron Pickford

Newcomers to the scene, New York's False Gods were formed little over a year ago, however it is clear with their debut EP “Wasteland” that their only mission was to create propulsive and addictive music, that incorporated the best  elements of your favourite artists.  You want Sabbath, check, splice it with the crush of Crowbar, check, with a dash of COC, check, but with an injection of the famed New York hardcore scene, check and mate.  False Gods  have succeeded in the creation of a monstrous EP, something that is addictive and commanding  in tone, “Wasteland” is a delightfully malignant sludge doom monster and is set for release  on April 22nd 2016.

If the aforementioned description hadn’t immediately whetted your appetite, then perhaps today’s exclusive premiere will go some ways to reduce your hunger and ultimately result in your immediate need to feed your riff addiction.   Today at The Sludgelord and for your listening pleasure, we’re pleased to present the opening track from “Wasteland”, entitled Despot”.  Ear protectors are advised

“Wasteland” track listing is:

1. Despot
2. Worship As Intellectual Tyranny
3. Wasteland
4. Grant Me Revenge
5. I Can See You For What You Truly Are

Band info: facebook || bandcamp