Thursday 7 April 2016

The Sludgelord Exclusive - "Everything Went Black/Fister" Split 7inch Streaming in Full

By: Aaron Pickford

When any new release from St. Louis, Missouri heavyweights Fister comes along, you immediately know it should be accompanied by its own sick bag, given that their unique blend of sludge is likely to make you wretch under the drone of gargled misery.  A much celebrated band and one we champion more than many at The Sludgelord, my interest piqued at an upcoming release set for release via Encapsulated Records, a new split 7" featuring Fister and their buddies from St. Louis Everything Went Black.  Ladies and Genitals, this is not just any old release, these two filth dealers are not only doing a split, but take each other’s songs and put their own unique stamp on them, by covering each other's songs.  Indeed the resultant split invokes a feeling of, “why the hell, don’t more bands do this”. 

Everything Went Black tackle the track “Suicide Hessian” which was originally written by Fister and released on their album “Gemini”, whilst Fister have recorded “Card of Giants” written by Everything Went Black,  and released on the Rattletooth Split.  Today at The Sludgelord, it is an unbelievable honour to showcase this crushing 7inch and you can check it out in full  below with pressing info about the release.  

Pressing info:

100 Gold / Silver Inside Out (Only available in the 3 pack or at the release show)
150 Gold
250 Silver

Records pressed by Pirates Press

Jacket is printed with a matte finish and the band names on the back are printed in silver foil.

Records start shipping on April 10th, includes a digital download code that will be e-mailed out on April 12th and they can be preorder here