Monday 4 April 2016

The Sludgelord Song Premiere - "Born Under Black Wings" by Dö

Finnish dark stoner doom trio are set to return with their debut album 'Tuho' ('Devastation' in Finnish) and will be released on April 29th 2016!  Since the release of their EP 'Den' (2015) they have taken a huge leap forward in the composition of their music, and they’re set to unleash six tracks in the vein of stoner/doom/sludge, that have crawled from the very depths of darkness. 

Initially 'Tuho' will be available in digital format (From April 29th at Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Spotify and others TBC) and possibly in limited amount of independently released CD's. Indeed at present they are looking for a label to release it in vinyl. So please get in touch with the band.  You will find a full track listing and artwork below.  But more importantly you can listen to the opening track for their new album entitled ”Born Under Black Wings”, which the band decribed as ”eight minutes of pure wrath and agony”

”Tuho”  track Listing

1. Born Under Black Wings (08:06)
No hope in sight. Eight minutes of pure wrath and agony.

2. Everblast II (The Aftermath) (06:00)
Brutal sonic beating with a quick breather before the kill.

3. Ex Oblivione (06:28)
A song like a Lovecraft poem - capturing, addicting, haunting...

4. Kylmä (07:09)
No matter what you believe in, evil does not come from above, nor below. It comes from within.

5. Hail the Fire (02:26)
Is this the fire that lights the spark of hope? No. But this is our first full-acoustic song ever. A love song for the end of times, sung by the one and only Big Dog.

6. Forsaken Be Thy Name (12:14)
An epic doom anthem dedicated to mankind's stupidity. Opens with crushing'n'groovy riff and checks out with one way ticket to outer space.

Band info: bandcamp || facebook