Monday 6 November 2017

ALBUM REVIEW: Decrepit Birth - "Axis Mundi"

By Theron Moore

Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 21/07/2017
Label:  Agonia Records |
Nuclear Blast Records

“Axis Mundi” CD//DD//LP track listing:

1.Vortex of Infinity…Axis Mundi
2.Spirit Guide
3.The Sacred Geometry
5.Transcendental Paradox
6.Mirror of Humanity
8.Epigenetic Triplicity
11.Desprate Cry
12. Infecting the Crypts

The Review:

Decrepit Birth has become a force to be reckoned with in 2017 amidst a myriad of killer death metal releases so far.  And “Axis Mundi” might just be my favorite record of the band’s career to date.  At the same time it retains every aspect of what you’d expect from a death metal release, especially one from the mighty Decrepit Birth, the production standards, the tightness of the music and the precision of how the songs are played / executed – just outstanding.  I think what we’re seeing with Decrepit and “Axis Mundi,” is the future of what this genre will look like a decade from now. 

As much as I enjoy the freestyle, almost jazz like elements of the death metal and grindcore genre, there’s a lot to be said for technical precision as well.  And this record is a fitting example of this, and dare I say, a high level of expectation for other bands to strive for.  It’s a shame that a band such as Cannibal Corpse grabs the majority of the spotlight when clearly groups such as Decrepit Birth, Haemorrhage, and Pathology are poised and ready to accept the torch and carry on.  “Axis Mundi” is that torch to light the pathway into the future. 

The songs are brutal yet accessible and catchy as hell.  Blast beats for the sake of blast beats?  No sir, not on this record.  You’ll find a lot of aggression and a ton of brutality because the songs on “Axis Mundi” demand blood, and lots of it and Decrepit Birth are more than happy to provide that service.     

About the songs, though.  You’re not going to find the standard death metal fare regarding corpses and coffins and zombies.  Instead, the Decrepit boys smack you in the head with what I’d refer to as, part existential, and part sci-fi / fantasy conceptual songs, if that makes sense.  Here’s a quick snippet of “Sacred Geometry:”

The journey of my heart guides me..

From the dream-time eclipse of the light
Finding my way..
I follow the path of light
Into this world unknown
Within my mind

Into the universal pattern
Beyond the expanse of imagination
The pattern takes my soul
To an unknown destination

Bodiless I drift through times
Ancient sea of memories

Deep, right?  That seems to be a running theme through this record, even the more fantastical songs, if you will, have a deeper sense of being as well as meaning giving this record a certain depth that just adds to its inherent heaviness.  As you can tell, there’s a lot going on musically with this release. 

As fans we’re lucky to get this record because the band has found it’s zone, they’re firing on all cylinders and then some.  “Axis Mundi” is a well thought out record, well played, and genuine to the tee. I urge you to get this record and play it.  If you’re a fan it’ll grow on you and find a home in whatever playlist you have at the moment.  If you’re not familiar with Decrepit Birth, this is the record you need to get to know the band.  “Axis Mundi.” Another killer death metal release for 2017.

“Axis Mundi” is available here

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