Thursday 9 November 2017

TRACK PREMIERE: Germany's UR deliver cascading layers of doom on "Grey Wanderer"

UR or the aurochs is the extinct primeval wild form of the cow. It's also a German prefix used to indicate that things are primitive, unspoilt, ancient, original or essential. It's the name of a mandaean demon, the king of darkness and antagonist of Mana Rabba, the king of light. And it's the name of the four piece German band from Leipzig playing psychedelic Doom and post Metal. Their music is as massive as the aurochs and as dark and arcane as the demon. “Grey Wanderer” is UR's sophomore album and will be available as CD, LP and digitally via Droneburg Records and follows up their critically acclaimed self titled debut album (2013).

Their new album “Grey Wanderer” has a resolute blast of grand, loud and heavy riffs that pick up layers of different sounds on its way to the end.  Throughout the album it switches more and more from a traditional doom approach, to something that is rich with ambience. The album is very nicely structured and keeps you interested and curious until the last note clings out, indeed the album feels ambitious and expressive.

If you like heavily deformed guitars, with a low roar and you’re a fan of Bell Witch or Samothrace prepare yourself got something truly essential. “Grey Wanderer” will be available via Droneburg Records on 24/11/2017 and you can check out the title track from the album below.  Your ears will undoubtedly be satisfied. 

The stone has no uncertainties, no urge to communicate, and is eternally the same for thousands of years," I would think, "while I am only a passing phenomenon which bursts into all kinds of emotions, like a flame that flares up quickly and then goes out." I was but the sum of my emotions, and the other in me was the timeless, imperishable stone. Carl Gustav Jung in "Dreams, Memories, Reflections"

Band info: facebook ||bandcamp