Friday, 30 November 2018

Records of Their Years with Red Beard Wall mastermind Aaron Wall & exclusive track premiere of "The Warming"

Formed in 2016 and the creative outlet of Texas native Aaron Wall, Red Beard Wall’s delivery of  heavy, hooky and concise compositions would eventually see the band signed to Argonauata Records with their debut self titled LP released in May 2017.   With riffs that could level city blocks and vocals that are the perfect combination of soaring melody and caustic screams of despair, Red Beard Wall are back and set to deliver their most bone crunching material to date in the form of new long player 'The Fight Needs Us All' which will be hitting all good stockists on February 22nd 2019 as Digital Download, CD and Vinyl. The album pre-orders are now available in the following editions, bundles: HERE LP: HERE CD: HERE

Influenced by amazing bands such as, Floor, Helmet, Conan, Yob, Pallbearer, Baroness, and countless others, today we have a double helping of Aaron and his 7.5 tons of beard, as THE SLUDGELORD exclusively premieres a brand new track entitled “The Warming” which you can check out below. Not only that we invited Aaron to discuss some of his favourite records.  Welcome to this Red Beard Wall edition of “Records of Their Years”.  

THE SLUDGELORD: Favourite album from the year you were born? 

Aaron: First off to you, oh mighty SLUDGELORD...thank you so much for having me!

I was born in 1977. Therefore the answer is Motorhead’s self-titled debut. Really not much elaboration needed. 

THE SLUDGELORD: First record you bought with your own money?

Aaron: Yes! I remember well! I was 8 years old, I had saved up a little cash from mowing yards and such, specifically I got Van Halen1984”, Beastie BoysLicence to Ill” and Run D.M.CRaising Hell”. All 3 of those records are still very dear and close to my heart. The very 1st time I ever performed was in a 3rd grade talent show. I did a mean version of the Run D.M.C. deep cut “You Be Illin.” Oh the memories from years gone by! Haha!!

THE SLUDGELORD: Favourite non metal / rock album?

Aaron: That’s a tough one, but I’d have to say Wu-Tang’s36 Chambers”. I was a bit of a hip-hop nut in my formative years, and honestly still am, although obviously my love for the heavy eventually overtook to top position musically in my life.  

THE SLUDGELORD: Album that most disappointed you?

Aaron: I guess I don’t think that way about records I don’t necessarily like. I just feel like it wasn’t made for me. I definitely try to look for something in it, that I do enjoy. If I cant, I move on to something that does move me. 

THE SLUDGELORD: Favourite album of all time or if you prefer album (s) you’d run back into a burning building to rescue?

Aaron: I’m gonna choose 3. All from Mastodon, “Remission”, “Leviathan”, “Blood Mountain”. Those three albums reinvigorated my enthusiasm for heavy music. After growing up in Texas in the 90’s with Pantera being a huge early influence, a lot of metal had gotten stale for me personally. Mastodon brought a renewed and energetic love back that I though may have been fading away. That love and passion has not waned since.

THE SLUDGELORD: Favourite album (s) of 2018?

Aaron: Daughters, “You Won’t Get What You Want”. The intensity is so palpable throughout. The songs are just on another level. 10 out of 10!  

THE SLUDGELORD:..and finally The last album you bought? 

Aaron: The last album I bought, ironically enough is a pre-order of the new Red Beard Wall album “The Fight Needs Us All.”  Extremely shameless self promotion, I know...but in my defence, it’s also 100% the truth.  Once again, much much gratitude and appreciation for allowing me to be a part. ALL LOVE. ALL APPRECIATION. ALL HAIL!!!

Band info: facebook || bandcamp