Thursday, 15 November 2018

WOORMS sign to Sludgelord Records! – Premiere New Song ‘Stiff Upper Lisp’, Vinyl Pre-Order Announcement and Artwork Reveal for debut "Slake"

Fresh from a string of exciting new additions to our roster of bands over at SLUDGELORD RECORDS, the aim of which is to release the best & heaviest riffs from the underground doom scene, an opportunity presented itself, that was just too cool to miss.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think the label would release more than one record, let alone, make today’s announcement of an exciting new addition to the label, which will represent the 19th new band to come on board to THE SLUDGEORD roster.  Guys we’re stoked to welcome WOORMS.

Formed in 2017 in Louisiana, WOORMS – featuring guitarist/vocalist Joey Carbo, bassist John Robinson, and drummer Aaron Polk – are something of a sleeping colossus. Based in Baton Rouge, the band has been delivering a devastating and brutal mélange of riffs and noise-rock righteousness on the precipice of significance for some time.

Despite only being a year or so into their sonic existence WOORMS have already racked up a number of releases; a collection of demos, digital one-offs (‘Daddy Was A Masker,’ 'The Math Says, Yes') and a split with NOLA thrashers, A Hanging.

Looking for a new partnership to assist with the promotion of their debut album, SLUDGELORD RECORDS & WOORMS are now set to deliver the colossus that is "Slake" set for  its official release on January 18th 2019. Two cuts from the record have already caused a stir with ‘Mouth is a Wound’ premiering at Decibel Magazine and a second track 'Find a Meal, Find a Bed, Find a God' , which for all intents and purposes is the perfect introduction to the band.

WOORMS come across like a lumbering, symphonic noise-rock shank fight between the fattest of riffs and the thinnest of patience with the world at large. Making for a devastatingly terse and perverse experience, from the pinnacle to the point of no return, their new record "Slake" falls psychotically through the fuzz and unholy grind of bands like KARP, Jesus Lizard and Neurosis

"Slake" will be released digitally and on limited colour vinyl with full Colour gatefold sleeve and today  as well as the announcement of this massive partnership, we are premiering a new track ‘Stiff Upper Lisp’ and artwork reveal of the album (by Victor LeBlanc) , both of which you can check out below.  Preorders are also live HERE and Joey Carbo shares his views about the “Slake” artwork

The album as an entire package has always been very important to all of us. Obviously, as musicians we take our record collections very seriously. Because, it’s your work and your research as well as being art that you consume, you know? So, when I’m putting out a record the art is half the process. It all has to be presented just right or the vision may not translate. Fold out jackets and liner notes were huge to me, growing up, and to my education. I poured over those as a kid and I still do that. When I saw Victor’s work, I didn’t want another artist for this album. This painting was perfect, and I could hear the main track playing over or out of it. He took some convincing and I got that. Initially, he said no. I asked if I could try to change his mind. We met, and I talked to him about “Find a Meal, Find a Bed, Find a God” and why I thought it made his work a great fit. He had heard our music and liked it well enough or whatever, I guess, but didn’t think it was a fit for his piece. I said, let me show you this new song; it’s the reason we need this painting. Joshua M. Wilkinson at The Company did the layout and design work and we were really lucky to have him on board, and Diogo Soares at Soares Artwork in Portugal did illustrations for the inner sleeve and liner notes. We had a fucking dream team for the art on this album and that is what fans can expect for every WOORMS release. We want to put out really pretty records that crush ears and take ass. Or is it the other way ‘round?” 

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