Friday, 21 June 2019

TRACK PREMIERE: NIGHTFUCKER deliver aural evisceration on "Death Beset"

By: Eeli Helin

We at THE SLUDGELORD are extremely delighted to present to you the first single from the upcoming debut album by NIGHTFUCKER. These Canadian sludge/doom rooted organ twisters are led by none other than Dominic Finnbow, formerly known from the Lovecraftian UK sludge titans that was known as Moss. After relocating over the Atlantic, Finnbow summoned a new set of mire dwelling lunatics around him and forged the demon that is with us today. NIGHTFUCKER have meticulously explored the deepest and most atrocious sewers of humanity over the last decade, yet the band has released only one demo as a self-produced cassette, titled "Foul Omens" prior to crafting their debut full-length, now getting it's release through Sentient Ruin and Rope or Guillotine.
While the odiously depicted creation process took a long time, all the suffering, anguish and hate is audible. The first single track, "Death Beset" clocks in at over eleven minutes, and encapsulates the album well in all it's eulogised misery. The atmosphere is very unforgiving, hypnotising loops are broken ever so often with more driving, beating rhythms that'll make you gasp and twitch. If you're close with the lead figures past works, you'll notice familiar resonances here and there, but it goes without saying that NIGHTFUCKER  is a being of it's own. That being is a disgusting, bruised entity with a crust of filth obtained from the aforementioned expeditions to the deepest ends of this planets cesspits. 
Their self titled debut will be released on July 12th and is available to preorder via Sentient Ruin (USA/ROW) HERE and Rope or Guillotine (Europe) HERE Give "Death Beset" a listen below with the volume maxed out and watch your speaker die.