Tuesday 17 September 2019

TRACK PREMIERE: Experience the tar thick sludge of Left to Starve's new track "Zlatni Rez"

Left to Starve was formed in Karlovac, Croatia in 2013. Releasing two EPs and a split with Eaglehaslanded, they have toured Europe extensively since their beginning. On the 6th October 2019, the band will release their debut album entitled "Nikada se nisam bojao zmija" via Rope or Guilotine, Mad Schnauzer and Slowly Growing deaf label.

The experience of listening to this album is like you're slowly drowning in mud, where every move only makes it worse and you know it's the end, but you're stuck there knowing this and there's just nothing you can do about it but to endure this feeling and wait for the bitter end. In fact after the album concludes the listener is left feeling as if nothing is ever going to be fine again.

"Nikada se nisam bojao zmija" will be released on 6th October and today at THE SLUDGELORD you can check out the track “Zlatni Rez” below.  Preorders for the album are available HERE