Thursday, 5 September 2019

ALBUM PREMIERE: Reflex Machine deliver a fist in the face to mediocrity on "Interzone"

Hailing from Columbus, Ohio, the duo known as Reflex Machine beat the living piss outta their drums and bass to create a sound that envelopes a myriad of influences and yet they create music that isn’t the usual garden variety bullshit.  Delivering Sumac like intensity, crushing psychedelic sludge and mind-melding rhythms, this band have emerged to deliver a fist in the face to mediocrity. 

Reflex Machine release their new record today entitled, “Interzone”, so if the notion of a lovechild between Sumac, early Mastodon, Neurosis, and At the Drive-In sounds of interest, then “Interzone” is streaming in full below.  Turn the volume up to 11 and let your speakers die!! Order HERE

Band info: bandcamp || facebook