Wednesday 11 September 2019

ALBUM REVIEW: Imperium Dekadenz, “When We Are Forgotten”

By: Nikos Mixas

Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 30/08/2019
Label: Napalm Records

“When We Are Forgotten” CD //DD//LP track listing:

1. When We Are Forgotten
2. Bis ich bin
3. My Solace I (Choirs of Solitude)
4. Trauma
5. A Cave Called Wisdom
6. Transcendence
7. Seance
8. Absenz Elysium
9. My Solace II (Paths of Perception)
10. Reverie
11. Frozen in Time
12. Behold the Flame of Time (Bonus Track)
13. Owl of the Black Forest (Bonus Track)

The Review:

There are so many great bands in the metal-multiverse that don’t receive the recognition they deserve. The reasons are simple…they may not be part of your favorite genre of the moment, or your friends aren’t talking them up, or more than likely, popular media sources pass them over.  Personally, I believe that Imperium Dekadenz is collateral damage from all three of those reasons.  Being this is the first time I’ve listened to Imperium Dekadenz, my sample size of them is only their most recent album, “When We Are Forgotten.”  I’ll make a bold statement right now. It’s one of my favorite albums of the year…and I’ve listened to a lot of them.

Imperium Dekadenz is labeled as an atmospheric black metal band and I believe that’s a very accurate description.  Their music is very composed and has a lot of headroom for their melodies to breath and their heaviness to cut through.  The production is very crisp and is not reverb-laden compared to other “atmospheric black metal” bands.  Every instrument can be heard in the mix in addition to the vocals.  Producing a clean mix on an album like this is difficult and Imperium Dekadenz nailed it. 

There isn’t a weak song on the album but a couple tracks do stand out for me from the rest, those tracks being “Absenze-Elysium” and the title track, “When We Are Forgotten.”  I won’t put you through a play by play for each of these songs, but I just feel that both of these tracks summarize the sound of the album.  Both of them are very emotional and contain crafty tempo changes to keep your interest throughout the whole song.  Another thing to mention is that “When We Are Forgotten” consists of eleven songs plus two bonus tracks depending on what version of CD or LP you purchase.  If you prefer digital downloads (Blasphemy!  Get a physical copy you cheapo!), you’ll get the bonus tracks regardless. 

“When We Are Forgotten” is an album worthy of your collection, or at the very least a play through on your favorite streaming service.  During a year of so many outstanding releases, unfortunately there’s a good chance this album will be “forgotten” by the time those annoying Top Ten Album lists start popping up on every music blog site.  I can tell you without a doubt if I’m called upon to create a list, “When We Are Forgotten” will be on mine. 

“When We Are Forgotten” is available HERE

Band info: bandcamp || facebook