Thursday, 26 September 2019

TRACK PREMIERE: Rorcal debut "A sea of false smiles hiding murder jealousy and revenge"

By: Eeli Helin

It is a tedious task to dig for striking and fresh music from the heaps of uninspiring bulk, but a delightful one when it pays off. It is also extremely pleasurable to be approached with something stunning and magnificent, for a premiere, for instance. Leading an obvious bridge from there, RORCAL are one of those outstanding ones. They're releasing their new album "Muladona" on November 8th through Hummus Records, and we're pleased to bring you the first single cut "A sea of false smiles hiding murder jealousy and revenge" today.

Three years after their previous effort "CREON", the band returns with an adaptation of a novel of the same name written by Eric Stener Carlson, mirrored through the bleak and violent whirlwind of dissonant and abrasive death metal, borrowing flavours from blackened aesthetics and noise. The droning and haunting feel carries through the album, the latter aspect being very prevalent in this particular track. Drenched in horror and cacophonous terror, "A sea of false smiles hiding murder jealousy and revenge" will gnaw your bones clean and leave you with a tense expectation for the rest of the album.

The track offers few isolated, passing moments of clarity that will only drag you deeper into its depths. There is a sense of despair very rarely obtained in such a graceful manner, which only goes to underline the primal force of RORCAL, the key atmosphere on the album, and the deep meaning behind every single word. Sit back, prepare to sink into the lyrics and blow out your speakers with the track from below.  ”Muladona” is available to preorder HERE

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