Thursday 9 July 2020

TRACK PREMIERE: Yanomano, "No Sympathy for a Rat"

Named after an indigenous Amazonian group known for ritual endocannibalism, Austrialia’s Yanomamö are back with their upcoming releae, “No Sympathy for a Rat”.

The four tracks on offer drip with whiskey-soaked swagger and somehow blends the collective wisdom of Sabbath, Corrosion of Conformity, and Kylesa - the latter especially in the title track, where crushing heaviness collides with psychedelic groove, and it just so happens that we're debuting it today.

Australia may not be first band on people’s minds for ear-decimating metal, but based on the strength of this kind of release it should be. If you are not listening to “No Sympathy for a Rat”, then what the fuck is wrong you?  Stream the title track below, turn it up and watch your speakers die!! Pre-orders are available HERE