Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Grim Van Doom / LLNN – Split Album - Sludgelord Exclusive Stream

Album Type: Album
Date Released: December 2014
Label: Self Released
Grim Van Doom / LLNN – Split Album – Track Listing
  • Grim Van Doom – Child Of Light
  • Grim Van Doom – Ropes
  • Grim Van Doom – The Ripper
  • LLNN – The Guardian
  • LLNN – Swarms
  • LLNN – Engineers Of Ire
  • LLNN – Nostromo Falls
  • LLNN – Eye Of The Covenant

Grim Van Doom - Bio

Grim Van Doom, founded during 2011's winter, manage to step into the tiny spot between common Doom and dirty Sludge, creating a musical monster in the process.

Dark sound-sculptures, gooey downtempo-beats and neck-breaking groove define the drop-tuned sound of the band, while nihilistic lyrics are shot at the audience through massive shouting. Their passion for the raw and dark, for the twisted and tainted is undeniable.

It's this intensity, that allowed GVD to gather a loyal fanbase throughout North Rhine-Westphalia, who immediately stripped the band of their first demo, which was recorded in D.I.Y.-manner and mastered at the well-respected HeyDay studio.

In fall 2014 GvD released a split LP with the danish band LLNN, followed by a short, but intense tour. Also, the band hit the studio (the sludge-wise well known Tonmeisterei in Oldenburg, Germany) to record their forthcoming album, planned for early 2015.

Grim Van Doom - Heavy and slow since 2011!

Grim Van Doom - Members

Lansky - Vocals
Dennis - Guitar
Nils - Bass
Leo – Drums

LLNN - Bio

LLNN is a new four piece outfit from Copenhagen.

LLNN – Members

Christian | Ketil | Rasmus | Jakob


We have an exclusive Sludgelord Exclusive of a split album between German Sludge Metallers – Grim Van Doom and Danish Sludge Metallers – LLNN – which they have kindly provided an advanced copy for you all to listen. The split album offers almost 30 minutes of ferocious action packed down right ugly Sludge Metal for you to contend with.

Both bands offer almost 15 minutes of insane and intense head-banging material for you to survive from. It's a great split album from two awesome bands to check out. The split album will be released on Vinyl very soon and be available for free download from BandCamp as well in the near future.

Until then you can witness the full power and fury of Grim Van Doom and LLNN bringing destruction wherever they go.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Grim Van Doom and LLNN for the exclusive stream. The Split Vinyl will be available to buy soon.

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