Saturday, 20 December 2014

Lost Orb - Low Ebb's Lament (Single Review)

Low Ebb's Lament cover art

Album Type: Single
Date Released: 08th December 2014
Label: Self Released

Low Ebb's Lament – Track Listing

1.Low Ebb's Lament 17:22


Chris West: Guitar, Bass
Chantal Brown: Vocals
Tony Reed: Drums


Lost Orb is a new musical project featuring Chris West (Trippy Wicked), Chantal Brown and one of my current fave musical heroes – Tony Reed of Mos Generator and Stone Axe fame, have came together to form an altogether different kind of band. Lost Orb is a Drone/Ambient/Sludge/Doom/Stoner/Trippy Band that has epic riffs with beautiful vocals to match courtesy of Chantal.

Low Ebb's Lament is one of the best singles I have heard this year. It's 17 minutes of droned out majestic experimental bliss. Parts Sleep, Sabbath, Led Zepplin and OM as Lost Orb take you into some far out trippy realms. The last time Chris and Tony teamed up this year was for the insane Dr. Crazy. Lost Orb is entirely different. It's a more surreal, blissful and even uplifting doom-laden experience that will last long in the memory.

It's firmly rooted in 70s Heavy Rock where imagination is key as Lost Orb have unleashed something special here. Do yourself a favour and download this incredible song now. It's available on BandCamp Buy Now Download. Chris has told me that Lost Orb are working on a full release next year. On this evidence Lost Orb are going to be one of the best bands to check out in 2015.

Awesome. Plain and Simple.

Words by Steve Howe

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