Sunday, 14 December 2014

Hypnochron - Herbs For The Alter (Album Review)

Herbs for the Alter cover art

Album Type: Album
Date Released: 24th October 2014
Label: Self Released

Herbs For The Alter – Track Listing

1.Tree 04:07
2.Submit 02:38
3.Nebula 04:17
4.Subversion 03:37
5.Empowerment 03:09
6.Come Fourth 02:43
7.Lurid Spirals 05:31
8.Snort 02:19
9.Pigs on the Hunt 05:39
1.Burning Winds 03:24
11.Rise from Below 09:29
12.Fall of the Sun 05:01

Band Members

Troy- Guitar/Samples


Hypnochron's debut album cover may have been created by Stoners messing about on Photoshop and they probably thought it was cool to use a naked chick for their first release. But god-damn their debut album – Herbs For The Alter – is pure fucking genius at times. If you're into Instrumental Doom/Stoner Metal that's firmly rooted in the 1970's with awesome humour to match.

Hypnochron sound like a steady mix of Sleep, Weedeater, Bongzilla, Kyuss, Sabbath and Church Of Misery. It's a bleak and funny as hell trippy violent sonic odyssey with the band using every trick in the DIY Musical Handbook in providing you with great music to trip out to. Opening track – Tree – sets up the scene with epic riffs dripping with FUZZ and demonic attitude to match. The instrumental work is loud from the start with the emphasis on the drums and bass guitar. The production is a little sloppy but it adds to Hypnocron's sound. Stick with this as this album starts become even more weirder and insane with each passing second.

2nd track – Submit – Is a song about The Devil possessing a poor woman's pussy. Yeah. I know. I did tell you it's an insane and funny as hell album. Though it's the awesome Doom/Stoner riffs that is the main draw here. Just enjoy the ride as you don't know where this album will take you next.

3rd track – Nebula – is a more straight-forward affair with elements of Church Of Misery starting to appear especially with the sinister soundclips. Hypnocron then blast their way through a whole ton of psychedelic riffs for you to survive from.

The albums first 3 tracks show you what to expect from the rest of the album. There are a few hidden surprises along the way that I won't spoil for you. Other great track to check out are – Empowerment, Pigs On The Hunt and Rise From Below. Hypnochron have released a stunning debut album if you're into sinister and creepy Instrumental Doom/Stoner Metal. These guys could have a big future if they release great albums such as this. Though I hope the guys spend more time on the production on their future releases. Check it out for yourselves on BandCamp as it's available on Buy Now Download and CD.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe

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