Tuesday 19 July 2016

Divine Mother Recordings Reissue Classic Album "Starvation of Locusts" by Leechmilk on Vinyl

   Originally released in 2000, “Starvation of Locusts” was Atlanta, GA sludge grinders, LEECHMILK’s first full length following previous self-released demos. The band disbanded in 2001 after a split with Sofa King Killer on Teepee Records. 16 years later, “Starvation of Locusts” finally sees a vinyl release remixed and remastered by Matt Washburn of Ledbelly Sound Studios (Mastodon, Norma Jean), where it was originally recorded. Artwork by Jean Saiz of Shroud Eater.
   "Why a vinyl release after all these years? Well, because it is one of my favorite albums of all time and I wanted a copy on vinyl, plain and simple. I hit Dan up about it and he didn’t seem all that interested at first. I’d see people here and there commenting about Leechmilk online and I’d always reply to them hounding him about the vinyl. After a little while I either wore him down and he agreed just to shut me up or the interest other people had in it convinced him into doing it. The timing was right with label releases so we went for it. It took about a year and some change to get it all done. We had to remix a few times (with a different engineer), and then we went back to Matt and just got him to redo the whole thing until we were all satisfied. The end result, to me is an accurate representation of the original album, just updated for 2016. Hope you all enjoy it as much as I do". Clifton DMR

You can stream the remastered version of the album in full below and you can pick up a copy here


LEECHMILK – “Starvation of Locusts

1). Sinkhole
2). Doubleplusungood
3). Dirt Clot
4). Imbalance
5). Whiskey Nipple
6). The Garrote
7). Descending


Edition of 225 copies:
- 47 red and black
- 78 white
- 100 black

Recorded April 9th & 14th 2000 Ledbelly Studios - Atlanta GA.
Remixed and remastered in November 2015.