Monday 4 July 2016

The Sludgelord Song Premiere - "Born Bastard" By Ainriail

On 22nd July, Ireland’s Ainriail, will issue their debut full length “My Heart is a Knot Blood”.  

"The end result of many smokey sunday sessions through a long dark winter. The album is the band dealing with sadness and inertia by spiritually self-medicating, making our own tradition to undo the inbred habits of ethnic catholicism and the stoic silence of masculinity. We went to mass weekly, but instead of indulging in piety and guilt, we dared to talk about shit. We did as humans do when they're left to their own devices, without the interference of an omnipresent patriarch. These are the conversations we had, for you to hear. We hope it makes sense to you. If it does, spread the word."  

In the fine tradition of power duos, “Born Bastard” is a fantastic introduction to one of the best unsigned bands around on the scene today.  

 “My Heart is a Knot of Blood” track Listing:

01 - Born Bastard
02 - Ayehategards
03 - Monsters Live In Gold Houses
04 - Ending
05 - Beginning
06 - They Break Their Backs
07 - December (Keep The Head Down, Say Nothin)
08 - I Met A Demon Today

Band info: bandcamp