Friday 8 July 2016

The Sludgelord Song Premiere - "Round And Round" by Lacertilia

Lacertilia are a tripped out rock n roll machine from South Wales that brings together the manic stomp and wild stage performance of The Stooges, the fuzzy desert sounds of Kyuss, the weird psychedelic frequencies of The 13th Floor Elevators and the proto doom of Pentagram . . .

Their influences clearly shine through in their music but this isn't some derivative bullshit trying to recreate the sounds of the past . . . instead their alchemy of styles blend together perfectly to create something unique and refreshing. On the 29th July their sophomore release “We’re Already Inside Your Mind” will hit the streets and today we’re thrilled to debut a brand new and exclusive track “Round And Round” for you listening pleasure, so sit back take a hit and behold the riffs.  But before you do, here is what singer Fry had to say about the track:

"Round and Round is about having lots of ideas in your head and acting upon the good ones, helping one another: family, tribe, and passing on messages of positivity. It's about doing things now instead of putting them off. The song has become a regular in our live set and we feel it gives a good representation of the Lacertilia sound. It was the last track we wrote for the album and is, co-incidentally, the last track on the record. Huge thanks to The Sludgelord for hosting Round and Round, we hope you all enjoy it as much as we do!”

We’re Already Inside Your Mind” is available to pre order here

“We’re Already Inside Your Mind”CD//DD track listing:

1. Inside Your Mind Part 1
2. The Wired And The Weird
3. Tangled Up
4. Never See The Sun
5. Ride With Us
7. Journey To Agartha
8. Fire Up The Engine Of God
9. Round And Round
10. Inside Your Mind Part 2

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