Friday, 2 December 2016

TRACK PREMIERE: Kent metallers Allfather debut charity single "Inherit The Dust"

With the flames barely died down from their critically praised album 'Bless The Earth With Fire', Kent metallers Allfather are following it up swiftly with new single, 'Inherit the Dust'. Seething with aggression and barely-concealed rage, the track offers up a feast of gargantuan riffs, monolithic grooves and a breakdown big enough to crack the earth.

Recorded with long-time collaborator, Jason Frye at his new studio Century Audio, 'Inherit the Dust' addresses the West’s seemingly endless obsession with bombing the Middle East in the hope of bringing peace, but being continuously surprised at the tragic consequences of these actions.

Vocalist Tom continues: “War in the Middle East has continued to drive instability and created an exodus of refugees from these countries. Refugees that Europe and the West seem less and less willing to offer asylum and safety. We’ve created a world where in some places children fear clear, sunny days as they know these are the best days for drone strikes to be carried out. Our governments claim we want peace yet offer only obliteration".

With that in mind, Allfather are donating all proceeds from sales of “Inherit the Dust” to humanitarian charity Help Refugees. Help Refugees assist displaced people throughout Europe and the Middle East, providing food, shelter,and safety for thousands of refugees. For more information see

'Inherit the Dust' will be released as a digital download on today Friday 2 December 2016 via Bandcamp here and you can stream the track in full below

Allfather play the Black Heart. Camden on Friday 2 December 2016 and the Underdog Gallery, London Bridge on Saturday 17 December 2016.

Band info: bandcamp || facebook