Saturday, 3 December 2016

ALBUM PREMIERE: "Astral Sand" by Mojuba

After two years spent between rehearsal room and gigs, Italian stoner rockers Mojuba recorded their first full-length: “Astral Sand” in January of this year.  The foundation of the band stems from guitarist Mascio, who in 2014 inspired by the psychedelic heavy sounds he was listening to, decided to form the band completed by Pierserio (vocals), whom Mascio met at a jam session at the end of 2013.

The musical path they chose was immediately clear because these guys like to jam rock guitar riffs set in solid evocative atmospheres, walking the footsteps of the great 70s bands, especially Black Sabbath. Not to mention Kyuss and Orange Goblin.

The “Mojuba” is an African prayer about praise and gratitude which originates from the word “Mojo”, the magic talisman associated with the early bluesmen, that later, with the arrival of Rock and Roll, became synonymous of libido. Despite the fascination for the magic rituals and the evocative nature of the tribal Africa, the term “Mojuba” assumed for the band another meaning: to free body and mind!

After a year spent in rehearsal room and on stage, in 2015 came one after the other two changes in the lineup: Alfonso (drums) joined the band in April and Fabrizio (bass) in October.  While waiting the release of the album, Mojuba shared the stage with Throneless (SWE), Zolle, Zippo, Selvans, and many other bands from Abruzzo and Marche.

Today ahead of the release of “Astral Sand” via Red Sound Records we have the pleasure of debuting the album in full below.

Band info: facebook