Saturday, 31 December 2016

VIDEO PREMIERE: Richmond, VA space doom band Book of Wyrms debut "Leatherwing Bat"

Looking for a great new doom band who brings the heavy while also soothing your mind, body and soul? Richmond, Virginia’s Book of Wyrms may be the band for you. They describe their sound as “appalachian stoner rock” and “space metal.” Those tags alone may be enough to draw listeners into their heady realm of astral dreaming, but the band also claims a diverse set of interests ranging from the occult, to cheap beer, to Curtis Mayfield. Who wouldn’t want to hang out with these guys?  With their new album “Sci-fi Fantasy” set for release tomorrow 01/01/2017via Twin Earth Records,  what better way to kick off the new year with a badass new track and the premiere of “Leatherwing Bat” which you can check out below and is available to preorder here 

“Sci-fi-Fantasy” track list:

01 Leatherwing Bat
 02 Infinite Walrus
03 Cosmic Filth
04 Nightbong
05 All Hollows Eve
06 Transcendental Migraine
07 Sourwolf


Jay Lindsey: bass
Ben Coudriet: guitar
 Kyle Lewis: guitar
Chris DeHaven: drums
Sarah Moore-Lindsey: vocals, effects 

Band info: bandcamp || facebook