Wednesday, 21 December 2016

6 NEW BANDS: The 666 Pack Review for December 2016

The 666 Pack Review

Welcome to The Sludgelord’s December installment of the 666 Pack Review!  Each and every month we handpick 6 review submissions and critique them by only using 6 words, then we rate them on a scale from 1 to 666!  Check out St. Satan’s rating scale below: 

1 The Sludgelord would rather listen to annoying Xmas carolers instead...
2 - King Diamond says...No presents for Christmas!!! 
3 – This is about as good as Twisted Sister's Christmas album.  Meh.
4 - On blitzkrieg!  (That's the headbanging reindeer's name and they're now a fan, antlers up!)
5 – Expect to see a shit ton of presents from Santa this year...err...I mean Satan!
666 - The Sludgelord places his pentagram of approval on top of the tree for all to see!!!  Deck the Hails!!!

It’s the holiday season and you would think that we would be in the spirit to honor goodwill towards bands.  No fucking way!  To quote Rob Halford, “You got another thing coming!”  Even if a band gets a low score, we strongly encourage you to check them out anyways because you might actually dig them!  The Sludgelord is a picky listener…and doesn’t care what you think of his opinions….

Archelon - “II” (EP) – Sheffield, UK    Rating: 4

For fans of Pelican.  Hail Santa!

Band info: facebook

Forlet Sires - Journey Towards Ruin” – Winterhur, Switzerland   Rating: 5

The Ghost of Christmas Present digs…

Band info: facebook

Kielkropf - Step back, I’m ‘bout to dance” - Eisenstadt, Austria  Rating: 3

Deck the amps…with winter sludge!

Band info: facebook

No Trust -Heavy Hand” - San Diego, CA   Rating: 3

My inner Scrooge says…bah humbug!

Band info: facebook

Keef Mountain  - “Keef Mountain” - Kansas City, MO   Rating: 666

Krampus will love fucking to this!

Band info: facebook

Inverted Cross Cult-Inverted Cross Cult” – Porto Feliz, Brazil   Rating: 2

The Grinch asks…”What’s that stench?”

Band info: facebook