Wednesday, 7 December 2016

“11 is one Louder”: Cryptworm from New England Doom overlords Black Tomb picks his Top 5 sludge/doom albums

Hailing from New England, Black Tomb recently brought to the table their debut self titled release just in time for the Halloween season. Black Tomb are a band that brings the darkness out of you and your mind can’t help but get lost in powerful riffs drenched in the fumes of hatred and despair while the fuzz shakes your core and vibrates the cavity causing all vital organs to hit the floor with a splat, while you bang your head against the wall from sheer madness.

Their debut is certainly something very special, it is album you’ll want to play very very loud, with little regard to your own mental stability.  The band have virtually obliterated the doom scene this year with their scuzzed up tones, securing a deal with via Totem Cat Records in process, as well as slot on the upcoming Dreadfest in Leeds, England next year.

Today we asked Cryptworm from the band to turn his amp all the way up to 11 and choose his top 5 sludge doom albums in our weekly feature “11 is one Louder”. 

Acid Witch – “Stoned” (2010)

There's nothing better than punks playing doom. Unless it's punks playing death-doom with 80's horror keys behind it. There's nothing better than that. Every Acid Witch release is perfect - from the artwork, down to the maniacal witch laughter. This was the first album I heard by them and I was blown away that anyone could turn old school doom influences like Trouble and Witchfinder General into this very cohesive Frankenstein monster of death metal, doom, and punk rock. They continue to pull it off every time. Just like the heavy metal greats, they only take themselves as seriously as they need to, which leaves a lot of room for incredible Fastway covers and throwing spider webs into crowds.

Witchfinder General – “Death Penalty” (1982)

This record. This is one that changed my life when I was younger. There is zero fat on this record. Front to back, it's one of the best things I've ever listened to. The song writing is brilliant and the structure of the album kills as well. It's a wild ride of perfect NWOBHM and old school doom that reminds you just how important it is to keep your songs catchy. One of a kind.

 Serpentine Path – “Emanations” (2014)

The only downside to this record is that the serpent worshiping cult creatures on the cover aren't in the band. This thing drags you down from the very start with ruthless oppression. I love when an album just gets straight to the point like this one. Incredibly crushing tones are achieved and the vocals are mixed so well underneath those commanding riffs. One of the most menacing examples of sludge ridden doom.

Candlemass – “Nightfall” (1987)

One of the greatest things to ever happen... What can I say about Candlemass that hasn't already been said? 'Nightfall' is jam packed with epic hymns for the melancholy souls of doom. It makes you feel like you're trapped in the saddest Dungeons & Dragons campaign you could ever imagine.

Electric Wizard – “We Live” (2004)

The most obvious for last... I feel like not including Wizard on this list would be me trying too hard to come up with something different. To me, Wizard is to doom what Sabbath is to heavy metal. 'We Live' is dripping with hatred and despair. There's no phoning it in here. This is genuine discontent for the world. The haunting and repetitious leads just creep under your skin. They keep this record monumentally heavy and you can't forget a single part of it.

You can check out Black Tomb below and their album “Black Tomb” is available digitally here

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