Tuesday, 4 July 2017

11 IS ONE LOUDER: Chad Widner of Georgia’s heavy noise trio Iron Whip picks his Top 5 noise rock records

Georgia’s heavy noise trio Iron Whip, deal in the kind of caustic disturbance that fans of Helmet, KEN mode and Melvins will lap up, their new EP “Absence of White” was released on October 21 2016 to raved reviews, taking elements of noise rock, heavy metal, sludge and hard rock Iron Whip blend these elements into a unified yet scathing riff offensive.  Abrasive, heavy, and noisy, today we’ve invited Iron Whip to talk us through their Top 5 noise rock records.

So prepare to worship at the altar of the riff, as we take our weekly trip into the extreme and turn the volume all the way up to 11, because 11 is one louder.   

Melvins – “Stoner Witch”

I'd been into Melvins for awhile at this point. “Houdini” and Gooey Porch Treatments” had blown my mind. I saw them for the first time opening for Gwar. They were getting booed and they turned their backs to everyone while holding one note for the rest of their set. Everyone were throwing shit and yelling at them. I couldn't stop smiling. I bought “Stoner Witch” after that show. It's perfect to me. There is no better band in my book.

Helmet – “Meantime”

I'd never heard a drummer hit so hard. Never heard a rhythm section so tight. The guitars were so percussive and pummelling. This record changed the way I listen to music.



Jesus Lizard – “Goat”

The best middle finger ever given to music. My favorite non singing singer to ever grace a mic. Proof there is an audience for everyone.



Unsane- “Visqueen”

I think this is their best recording. This album cover inspired the body scene in our video "Kicking a hornet’s nest". Always admired Chris Spencer. His vision for what he wants the band to be, look like, and sound like has always suited them perfectly to me. 


Barkmarket – “L Ron” 

Unfortunately I never got to see them live. The tone on this record is so good. Mean bass and drums with guitar and vocals sitting perfectly in the mix. A band with a sound all their own is really unique. If you've never heard them and want something heavy and different I highly recommend it. I've probably listened to this album the most on this list. Fuck your favorite band, this is better.

Band info: bandcamp || facebook


Christopher Blosser said...

"I saw Melvins for the first time opening for Gwar. They were getting booed and they turned their backs to everyone..." I saw them open for White Zombie back in '95 and the audience had a similar reaction, but they were no less ambivalent (or impressive, especially Dale with that massive gong behind him). "Houdini" is also my favorite.

(Came here by the way of Barkmarket -- I maintain that tribute page on FB).

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