Friday 14 July 2017

TRACK PREMIERE: Milwaukee post metal pugilists Dead is Dead debut “Reproach of Man”

On September 22nd 2017 Triple Eye Industries will release “Constraints of Time” by sludgy post-metal band Dead is Dead.

There’s something to be said about restraint. In an era where many seem to put emphasis on quantity over quality, acts that give their music room to breathe, allowing the tracks to build to the mightiest of riffs and putting as much thought into the resonating of the notes as the notes themselves are something to behold and to embrace.  Rome was build in a day for god’s sake. 

Dead is Dead write patient songs with a metallic edge with a slight lean towards the darker side of post rock. Comprised of guitarist Eric Madl, bassist Nick Sheppard and drummer Mark Sheppard, Dead is Dead create patient and moody post metal, trading in the uniformity and unabashed Black Sabbath influence for more contemporary counterparts such as ISIS (the band), Neurosis and even Helmet, carved music that far less gimmicky and far more organic.

A solid rhythmic foundation coupled with spacious guitar work and tastefully impassioned vocals, Dead is Dead manage to retain the metallic side of the post metal genre while still incorporating less abrasive elements into their songwriting. “Constraints of Time” is a wonderful showcase for a multi faceted and talented band and today we are delighted to premiere a brand new track “Reproach of Man” which you can check out below

You can pre-order/buy as an extremely limited "transparent beer" color vinyl (edition of 100) here

Band info: facebook