Friday 7 July 2017

ALBUM PREMIERE: Domadora usher forth their psychedelic mantra with “The Violent Mystical Sukuma”

Domadora is a psychedelic heavy rock trio formed in 2011 by two passionate improvisators: Gui Omm (bass) and Belwil (vocal & guitar). Karim (drums) joined them in late 2012.

The band invokes the spirit of La Domadora (female lion-tamer in Spanish) to ease and master wild psychedelic jam sessions. The repertoire is at the crossroad of heavy rock and ‘70s psychedelic stoner rock, their compositions guided only by imagination and instinct.  Domadora compose music with the intention of inducing the listener into a trance like state.  In April 2013 they delivered their first full length album ‘Tibetan monk’, seven electric trances filled with soft violence. The tracks are like endless journeys, searching ecstasy, with guitar riffs looping to generate liberating power. The musicians bounce off one-another’s inspiration, the destination maybe unknown, but isn’t that the point, music should be about a journey it takes you on. 

After sharing the stage with bands like Pentagram, Yawning Man, Earthless and Baroness, it is fair to say that Domadora are undoubtedly one of the spearheads of the psychedelic / heavy psych scene and on July 14th, they return with their stunning new album “The Violent Mystical Sukuma“ and you can stream it in full below.  So sit back, turn on your lava lamp and allow the waves of psychedelia wash over you.   

“The Violent Mystical Sukuma” is available preorder/buy here

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