Wednesday 19 July 2017

VIDEO PREMIERE: Mastiff deliver a devastating blend of sludge aggro-core with "Nil By Mouth"

Mastiff are a quintet from Hull, a self styled “miserable band from a miserable town” playing a combination of doom, sludge and aggressive hardcore, this crazy bunch of miscreants imbue hate. A sound in the key of malevolence, Mastiff are devastating, with their blend of sludgey hardcore metal. Hell, I’m a dog lover myself, but this four piece are more rabid that a rampaging packs of Rottweilers, an intimidating proposition indeed.  Is there a genre called sludge aggro-core? If indeed there was, this band of merry bastards would be the antithesis of that.  Their music is just low end filth, the pace of hardcore, the crush of Crowbar and venom of Converge

In 2016 Mastiff self released an eight track album entitled “Wrank”. Recorded and mixed in two days in February of that year it was a ferocious DIY statement of intent which matched the rabid intensity of their live shows.  The  group  continued  to  gig  relentlessly  and  started  to  pick  up  a  following  beyond  their hometown.

In July 2016 Mastiff played a now legendary show at The Alma Inn in Bolton which is recognized as the performance which took them to the next level. They opened a five band lineup at 6pm and blew the venue apart, leaving jaws dropped and ears ringing. In the audience that night were band members and reviewers from the growing UK stoner / doom / sludge metal scene who went away stunned. Also in attendance was Andrew Field, founder of APF Records, who befriended the band and signed them to his label in February 2017.

Mastiff’s second release, and first for APF Records, is “BORK”. A six track, 25 minute EP it was again recorded, mixed and mastered in a two day period at the beginning of July 2017. Everything about “BORK” puts debut album “Wrank” in the shade. With  the groundswell  of  support  and  goodwill  felt  towards  Mastiff  in  the  UK  metal  community,  THE SLUDGELORD  is thrilled to be debuting their debut video from the new EP in the form of “Nil By Mouth” which you can check out below. This is very special EP from potentially one of the most exciting bands in the UK today and we are excited to be able to introduce the band to a wider audience. “BORK” will be available via APF Records on 31st August.

Band info: bandcamp || facebook