Friday 24 August 2018


 By: Richard Maw

Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 22/09/2018
Label: Independent

it is absolutely clear that Famyne will be both leading the way for British doom in the years to come and also may well become a band apart from the genre and the “scene.” 

“Famyne” CD//DD//LP track listing:

1). Wearthless
2). Faustus
3). Slave Ship
4). Ghosts
5). Tremor
6). Dreamweaver

The Review:

The UK is the de facto home of doom- what with Black Sabbath kicking off the genre (and heavy metal in general) way back when. In recent times, though, Maryland in the US, Sweden and Germany have all had thriving scenes going on and the UK's fortunes faded with the demise of Cathedral. Not any more, though.

The UK can boast several first class doom bands- that's doom, not sludge. Famyne have placed themselves neatly into the upper echelons of the current (and the “been around for donkey's years”) crop of bands. This is traditional doom; low slow and weighty. The vocals are clean, the guitars and bass distorted, the drums pound (and drummer Jake Cook uses a fair amount of subtlety with his snare grace notes as well) and the songs sprawl and soar.

Epic opener “Wearthless” sets the tone with an impressive rhythmic foundation and no small amount of Doors inspired psychedelia in the vocal production and delivery. The band tackle the big subjects in “Faustus”- big in the realms of metal, that is- and provide appropriately big riffs to go with it. Convincingly double tracked vocals are a nice touch and the overall production job is worth noting for its weight and clarity.

“Slave Ship” utilises dynamics effectively, introducing a diversity of sound not too often found in the trad doom world. Tom Vane's vocals are a defining stamp on the band's sound- they lend it an ethereal quality. As the album progresses through “Ghosts” and “Tremor”, there are numerous influences that can be picked out here and there; maybe some AIC, maybe even some shoe-gaze type stuff? This is certainly not an average, meat and potatoes Sabbath rip off; even if the Sabs are audible in the witches brew the band have concocted.

The touches of violin, the soaring vocals and the rock solid instrumental work of all band members add up to make this record both engaging and even surprising. It is very accomplished stuff; streets ahead of most band's debut records and with a unique sound.

As the album progresses through the nine and a half minutes of “Dreamweaver”- no, not that “Dreamweaver”, so beloved of Crowbar and Wayne's World- it is absolutely clear that Famyne will be both leading the way for British doom in the years to come and also may well become a band apart from the genre and the “scene.”

There is no way of knowing how far the band is going to go, but if they get the right cards dealt to them it will be a lot further than opening band status. They are young, they are unique and they are undoubtedly going to give all the UK doom bands a run for their money. Sabbath are gone, Cathedral and Iron Man likewise, Pentagram are headless, Saint Vitus have lost one original member already and Wino won't be around forever. If you were placing bets on who was going to carry the torch from here... Well, check out this superb debut and hear for yourself as we stream the sublime “Faustus” below

Famyne” is available here

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