Thursday 16 August 2018

TRACK PREMIERE: The Necromancers, "Secular Lord"

Having been previously unfamiliar with French occult doom quartet The Necromancers , it came as somewhat of surprise that the band are set to release their second full length, a mere 12 months after their debut.  No small feat by today’s standards. 

Back in the day, when Sabbath was known to few, but on the cusp of greatness, legendary acts such as Sabbath, would bang out an album a year, tour it, get back in the studio and 12 months later, another record would be released.  To be able do this with regularity it one thing, but to consistently produce strong material is perhaps the exception to the rule.  What am I trying to say then?  Well for one The Necromancers are clearly dedicated hard working band, but perhaps more significantly, having reviewed their previous album, they’re able to produce consistently kick ass albums and when we got the call to premiere a track, I couldn’t have been more stoked.

Although this French quartet's second album still features the lumbering doom and cultish heavy rock they are known for, it is clear on new album “Of Blood And Wine” they appear to have dug deeper within themselves as song writing and in turn they have produced a record of great depth and quality.  So without further ado check out the track “Secular Lord” below as well as small quote from the band about the track.  Recorded at Nomad Studio, “Of Blood And Wine” must be like the 100th record Ripple Music will have released this year, but all kidding aside, the record will available via this distinguished label on October 5th 2018 on all formats. 

“Secular Lord” talks about Vlad 'The Empalor' Tepes. He is the historical character who inspired Bram Stoker for Dracula. We chose to talk about the legend and the myth here. We think it’s another song exploration for us, having that kind of voices and guitars sounds. Feels great for a first single!

Band info: facebook