Tuesday 21 August 2018

RECORDS OF THEIR YEARS:...with Mantar guitarist/vocalist Hanno Klänhard

Formed in 2012, Mantar perhaps first exploded onto the scene in 2014 (they released a 7" in 2013) with their lauded debut album “Death By Burning”, which was hailed by fans and writers alike as the standout record of the year.  Like any band attempting to make their mark, few could have predicted (the band included) what would happen next.  Originally released via Svart Records, “Death By Burning” would eventually sell out and see at least 3 repressings, by Svart Records (twice) and via the American imprint Brutal Panda Records, an understatement then to say that Mantar had exceeded what expectation they may have had, however their nifty amalgamation of Melvins-esque sludge, twinned with the grim black / punk attitude of Darkthrone would see the band court the attention of label heavyweight Nuclear Blast Records, and in 2016 the band would release their follow up “Ode to the Flame”, soon to be followed up by the EP “The Spell”, a year later.

THE SLUDGELORD is proud to say that we have followed the band from day dot and Mantar’s strength lies in their ability to maintain a perfect balance of dirty, underground grit and catchy stadium-bothering rock’n’roll ambition, and on their new album “The Modern Art of Setting Ablaze” Mantar’s unique brand of heaviness is growing ever more potent.  With the release of the new record set to hit the shelves this Friday, 24 August 2018, we hooked up with Mantar riff dealer Hanno to discuss some of his favourite records.  Welcome to Records of their Years, with guitarist/vocalist Hanno Klänhard

SL: Favourite album from the year you were born? 


It’s super weird German new wave (?) stuff. Peter is the guy who also wrote “Major Tom”. There is an English version of the title track, as well as a whole English version of the album (‘Error in the System’) as he also had some success in the US and UK, as far as I’ve been informed anyway. That single is a little played out, but as a matter of fact, the whole album is just pure magic. His soothing but spooky voice together with this early 80s synth layers... it’s still haunting. You can even hear parallels to some weird ass Pink Floyd shit. Just crazy. The whole thing, especially the lyrics influenced me a whole lot. The lyrics were much underrated. With his apocalyptic future visions he was ahead of his time, and somehow punk as fuck in a new wave sound. Epic. The best song is “Die Wüste Lebt”.

SL: First record you bought with your own money?


I saw it in a record store somewhere on vacation with my parents when I was 10 or 11 years old. It was my first self-bought AC/DC album ever. Many albums followed, mainly on cassette tape as they were so much cheaper than CDs. I bought “Live at Donington” on VHS because I thought: “Why buy the record when you can HEAR and SEE the music at the same time??” And as my first record (cassette as well) was “If You Want Blood...” I had a thing for live records. Also I knew what to expect as that particular Donington Live show was screened in our local small cinema in Bremen, Germany for ONE DAY only. I saw the advertisement in the local newspaper, so I went with my best friend. Only one other person was in the cinema that day back then. But I totally remember every second... the goosebumps... the excitement of seeing the people who are responsible for this wonderful music for the first time... it was an intense moment. My whole room was covered in AC/DC posters ‘till the day I moved out.

SL: Favourite non metal / rock album?


I got this record from a friend when I was a teenager. His parents had it, they’d bought it after seeing their song “Roads” being featured in the shower scene of “Tank Girl”. They didn´t seem to pay further attention so I just grabbed that record. I remember that I never ever felt that kind of sadness and desolation in music before. Teenage depression and booze, that record was a dangerous mixture. I remember spending whole nights drinking by myself, listening to that record and literally just staring at the walls of my room. There was something about the sadness that was captivating. I thought I was the saddest kid in the world. The whole record is beyond awesome. Later I tried using it as the soundtrack for my first sexual experiences which made them also very sad of course. But I thought that the ladies probably didn´t wanna listen to Anal Cunt (little did I know) while being seduced by sexy Hanno and I had no further non-metal/rock records. Later I found out that all that doesn´t mean shit and just gave up sex music for good.

SL: Album that most disappointed you?


I just didn´t get it. I was confused. Especially as “Chaos A.D.” meant the world to me. I know it might be not be the coolest and truest album from this band to start with, but when you make your Mom go to the local record store and buy it for your 12th birthday, it is. I saw a cool ass commercial on German MTV back then (when that was still a thing) and I knew I had to have it. Once I had it in my hands I was shocked by the booklet and the gruesome pictures inside. It scared the shit out of me. But at the same time I was hypnotized by the insanely heavy music and groove. After my birthday I didn´t leave my room for days listening to that record, being scared by the artwork and eating candy. I still LOVE that record. It is Sepultura´s “Nevermind“. The song writing is perfect, without losing any heaviness and focus. A masterpiece. But yeah... back to the actual question... even though I know it´s good, “ROOTS” didn´t do anything for me. Sorry.

SL: Favourite album of all time or if you prefer album (s) you’d run back into a burning building to rescue


When I was about six years old my dad used to make some money with any kind of stuff next to his main job, so any kind of flea market shit would be good business for him. One day he got two big boxes of old cassette tapes second hand, ready to flip. He never got rid of them so I listened to every single tape in these boxes, which was 99% horrible trash. But there was ugly old orange tape in it with a guy with a guitar sticking in his belly. That cover got me curious and that´s how I discovered the most important record of my life. From the first second, I was hooked. That energy, the volume of the crowd screaming, I couldn´t believe it. EVERYTHING about this was great and it was EVERYTHING I have been looking for in my six year old ‘till then meaningless life. After the first listen I was 100% sure what I wanted to do with the rest of my existence. Be like them.

 SL: Favourite album (s) of 2018?

DEATHRITE, New Album soon

I am a very ignorant person when it comes to new music and rarely ever pay attention or go see new bands. I neither read music magazines nor do I check out new stuff on the internet. I also don´t collect records. Back home in Florida I usually listen to AM radio and that´s mostly Bluegrass that I enjoy quite a bit, sitting on my porch. I am sorry. But our dear friends in DEATHRITE are about to release a new record and I don´t expect anything less than face melting craziness. So that thing will be good for sure.

SL:..and finally The last album you bought? 


It’s already a year ago that I got this thing, but it’s still great! It’s hardcore punk from Malmö, Sweden. And as with everything that Swedish people do, of course it´s fucking awesome. If you like your D-Beat high quality but still fucked up in a good way, this is your jam. It also has Swedish lyrics which is kinda cool. Not that I get a single word, but neither would I if it was in English. I think I saw them live in Hamburg, back in 2012 and was smitten right away. I never saw them again. I think we have to invite them to tour with us at some point. But they probably think that we are mainstream capitalist fucks. Which is true. But maybe they still wanna come along.

The End

‘Mantar’s new album ‘The Modern Art Of Setting Ablaze’ will be released on 24th August via Nuclear Blast, available HERE. Mantar will be touring the UK in December alongside Skeletonwitch.

Band info: facebook || bandcamp