Wednesday 22 August 2018

VIDEO PREMIERE: Swiss sluggers The Crotals deliver a sonic counter punch with "Falling"

Following the release of their debut full-length album “Fuel! Flames! Blast!”, a thrilling experience that THE SLUDGELORD recommend  very highly.  Indeed until the new High On Fire album is released then this band’s new sophomore release“Horde” is your next must have album. High praise, you might say, and rightly so, but it is most definitely justified.  One play through of "Horde" will have you chanting “Hail Satan”, whilst watching your speaker melt because of the sludgy, waxy build-up their riffs will leave on the speaker material.

 “Horde” sees The Crotals going for a heavier route, combining the raw and corrosive riffing of Entombed, Motörhead and High On Fire with the groovy vibes of Kvelertak and Black Cobra.  “Horde” is set for release on CD and LP on September 7th via Tenacity Music (available HERE) and today at THE SLUDGELORD, we're excited to debut their heavy as balls new video for “Falling”.  Check it out below and let your speakers die!!!

Band info: facebook