Friday 31 August 2018

VIDEO PREMIERE: "On The Run" Acoustic Version By The Vintage Caravan

Hailing from Álftanes, Iceland The Vintage Caravan, this trio of immensely talented musicians are set to hit the road again, instruments in tune, in hand and ready to astound with their new record “Gateways”, officially released today Friday 31st August 2018 via Nuclear Blast

This delightful trio appeal to every part of THE SLUDGELORD’S blackened heart, their bluesy classic rock, their psychedelic leanings, their prog and doom twists and slants, all of it works harmoniously with a heavy enough sound that even the most diehard  metal heads can rejoice. Today to celebrate the release of “Gateways”, you can check out an exclusive acoustic version of album track “On The Run”, which you can check out below.  “Gateways” is available HERE

Band info: facebook