Thursday, 25 October 2018

ALBUM PREMIERE: Sumeru find newly discovered ferocity & deliver crushing sophomore release "Summon Destroyer"

Often in life opportunities present themselves but circumstance means that the timing just isn’t right. In the beginning as Sludgelord Records was still finding its feet, I was presented with a record that totally blew me away.  That band, Sumeru and that record, “Summon Destroyer” was something I dearly wished to support, but due to circumstances, it just wasn’t meant to be. Fortunately for me, I have been given the opportunity to do the next best thing and debut Sumeru’s new record to world ahead of its official release on October 26 through Wormhole Death Records/Aural Music (Digital/CD), Medusa Crush Records (Tape) & Mallevs Records (Tape).

A band known for their passionately fierce and ear crushing live shows, Sumeru’s onstage energy is exerted with an almost fanatical dedication that it verges on a cult-like rite of sonic exorcism and visceral upheaval. Add in the long-crafted musicianship of each member of this Sydney 5 piece, their ability to peel subconscious layers off of their audiences was apparent since their inception in 2009.

Coming some 4 years after their debut record, “Holy Lands” Sumeru now stand firmly grounded in the Australian heavy music underground as a defining force of pure riff fury and indomitable low-end groove and with new album “Summon Destroyer”, Sumeru are evermore crushing and have found a newly discovered ferocity, backed by a lyrical spirituality that seeks to take listeners minds beyond any self-imposed jurisdictions they might impose on themselves. Check out the crushing new record “Summon Destroyer” below and orders are being taken HERE. Now turn it up and let your speakers die!!

Band info: facebook || bandcamp