Thursday 3 January 2019

ALBUM REVIEW: Son of Cain, "Closer To The Edge"

By: Richard Maw

Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 30/11/2018
Label: Raging Planet

Son of Cain deliver COC grooves and style mixed with the intensity and vocal approach of prime era Danzig, the end result is a mixture of dark and dangerous rock n roll

“Closer To The Edge” CD//DD//LP track listing:

1). Hit the Road
2). Born to Fail
3). Beyond
4). Like Stone
5). Old Man
6). Reach The End
7). Dead Corner
8). Human Prey
9). Boiled
10). Outro

The Review:

Son of Cain deliver COC grooves and style mixed with the intensity and vocal approach of prime era Danzig. Sounds like your kind of thing? It will be, if you like those two bands. In particular, Danzig is writ large through the very core of this release. It's dark and hard rocking at the same time, it's as if the Evil Elvis upped sticks and move to... Portugal?!

Yep, this band is European and not from the US or even South America. Their geographical location doesn't matter to me at all- this is quality stuff and the two piece line up (drums/vocals and guitars/bass, unusually) handles the material well.

There is nothing you have not heard before, but so what?! Most bands are STILL copying Sabbath riffs, so a respectful nod to Mr Danzig is fine by me. From the opener “Born to Fall”, to the “Outro”, the influences are stamped on the bands sleeves (leather/denim/studded gauntlet- I assume). There is more to this than pure pastiche, though. “Beyond” is a rough rocker of a track and “Like Stone” is as hard and heavy as the title suggests.

The two band members nail the grooves admirably and the sound is rough and raw- Rick Rubin is not needed here as the energy crackles out of the speakers. “Old Man” really is like Prime Danzig circa “Lucifuge” or thereabouts. The latter half of the album (you get ten tracks in total- without 99 bonus tracks!) is just as strong, with “Reach The End” rushing out fast and keeping a punk-ish energy in its frantic delivery- which contrasts well with a more laid back vocal.

“Dead Corner”utilises dialogue from what is surely one of the best films of all time and sets the tone for a low down and dirty song. The final trio of “Human Prey”- which showcases excellent melodies and use of variety/dymanics, “Boiled Up” and “Outro” keep the energy levels up and the vibe cranked to maximum darkness. This is dark and dangerous rock n roll- very enjoyable.

“Closer To The Edge” is available HERE

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