Friday 18 January 2019

VIDEO PREMIERE: Grave Lines Live Session, "Loathe/Displace"

London/Brighton heavy contingent Grave Lines who released latest album ‘Fed Into The Nihilist Engine' in the first half of 2018 have announced UK tour dates for February 2019 with Dystopian Future Movies. To help promote this upcoming tour Grave Lines have filmed some very slick live session videos and today you can check out part 1 of the session featuring “Loathe / Displace” below, vocalist Jake Harding commented on the sessions

'As something a bit different we thought it would be cool to capture the more ambient side of Grave Lines with some live sessions. Our good friend Rob "longarms" kindly let us come and do it on his beaten up old canal boat so in a lapse of judgement we decided to go and do it on one of the hottest days of the year.

Sweating bullets and burning in the sun aside we had a blast and the videos speak for themselves.

These are the 'interludes' from our album which tell their own individual stories and at the same time act as part of the narrative of 'Fed into the nihilist engine'. They explore the human relationship with negativity, but act as isolated thoughts within us.

This first track was a bit of an experiment by Julia with synths and took us all by surprise but very quickly became an integral part of the album so it’s been great working it into our live set.

As is always the case with our band this filming was made possible by our talented friends.

Camera work by the amazing Josh gaunt and Florence Pellacani.
Sound recorded and mixed by the unstoppable Chris West (check out his new project Crawling For Carrion here

UK Live Rituals dates w/ Dystopian Future Movies:

Thursday 7th February, Record Junkee, Sheffield
Friday 8th February, Wharf Chambers, Leeds
Saturday 9th February, Black Heart, Camden, London
Sunday 10th February, Chameleon Arts Cafe, Nottingham

Band info: facebook