Tuesday 29 January 2019

ALBUM PREMIERE: Lithuanian post metallers Autism declare "Have You Found Peace?"

With their fourth release, Lithuanian post metal band AUTISM have taken their song writing to the new level. Based on a short story, Have You Found Peace?” explores the tragic concepts of alienation and loss in a 42-minute-long musical journey. The result is a captivating experience of heavy post-rock and atmospheric sludge metal merged with a conceptual scope akin to the works of prog giants like Steven Wilson and Anathema

“Have You Found Peace?” is the epitome of the band’s use of cinematic storytelling, and is somewhat of a musical Gesamtkunstwerk, featuring collaborations with bands that AUTISM has performed with in the past. Krzysztof Traczyk, who is the vocalist of Polish post-metal act ROSK, has provided vocals and narration throughout the album, most notably to the second track “No Word”, which carries a heavy Cult of Luna-vibe. Contributing to the same track we find the Lithuanian ambient/noise
artist OORCHACH, while further collaborations involve cult ambient artist Laurynas Jukonis (Girnų Giesmės) and Valdas Voveraitis (ERDVE). The latter intensifies the track “Haunting Recollections” with his moody saxophone phrasings and a blistering solo towards the climax of the track. 

“Have You Found Peace?” is a logical continuation from the previous AUTISM albums, but it transcends anything the band has ever done before. Through a subtle blend of spoken word narratives and a dynamic soundtrack of soaring guitars and enigmatic ambient textures, AUTISM manage to present their story in a truly unique fashion, creating an ambitious statement of their artistry and we’re delighted at THE SLUDGELORD to be able to stream the entire album in full below.  The album will be available to buy from HERE 04/02/2019

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