Monday 20 April 2020

ALBUM REVIEW: Dirt Woman, "The Glass Cliff"

By: Peter Morsellino

Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 13/03/2020
Label: Grimoire Records

“The Glass Cliff” CD//DD//LP track listing:

1). Lady of the Dunes
2). Creator
3). Fades to Greed
4). Demagogue
5). Starhawk

The Review:

Calling back to a simpler time, a time to just veg out with headphones implanted firmly in your ears while examining album artwork and floating blissfully on a cloud of riffs, Dirt Woman unleash their latest work of fuzzed out psychedelia on a world desperately in need of a distraction.  The Glass Cliff” invites you in with welcoming arms and let's the listener settle into a comfortable bed of fuzz that is very difficult to rise from.

At once classic and modern, Dirt Woman offer up a delightful and refreshing sound to the doom metal world.  With fuzz drenched riffs pounding into a peaceful atmosphere crafted by the hypnotizing vocals of Zoe Koch, “The Glass Cliff” is a sonic work of art.  In addition to providing uniquely surreal vocal stylings,  Koch shares the riff work with guitarist Gabe Solomon and bassist Kearny Mallon, keeping a lock on their 70's inspired doom riffs and thrilling listeners with thought provoking lead parts. Drummer Avery Mallon is in no way to be overlooked with his eclectic grooves and subtle variations keeping things interesting throughout the album's longer dirges.  
Powerhouse album opener “Lady of the Dunes” gets things rolling with stoney jams and earth shaking riffs.  Koch's vocals really shine upon their introduction, so be on the lookout and be prepared to be impressed.  A brain rattling bridge dripping in several different flavors of fuzz takes the already amazing track to the next level.  It's a wonder that the rest of the album can keep up this level of creativity and workmanship, but it does so with ease. 

“The Glass Cliff” elevates this Maryland quartet miles above their already impressive 2018 debut with expert production work and a seemingly endless expanse of imagination. Dirt Woman swing with full force here and they hit it right out of the park. Most certainly a band to keep an eye on.

“The Glass Cliff” is available HERE

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