Thursday 2 April 2020

TRACK PREMIERE: Heavy Harvest, "Candy"

Heavy Harvest is a noise rock trio that combines influences from noise rock, hardcore punk and stoner rock to create loud, angry and energetic songs that often feel like they’re bursting at the seams.

Following the release of their debut album “Rats” in 2017 the band have pushed their sound even further into the realm of noise rock and sludge with fast power chords giving way to dissonant guitar bursts and lyrics dealing with personal themes now dealing with more abstract subject matter: man vs. nature, man vs. machine, nature fighting back, man becoming machine. This new batch of songs was recorded at REC Studios in Geneva and the resulting album “Iron Lung”, a full-on assault on the senses and sees the group at its most unhinged both musically and lyrically.
“Iron Lung” is set for release on April 24th and can be preordered HERE. You can check out their explosive track “Sugar” below. 

Band info: facebook || bandcamp || instagram