Monday 20 April 2020

ALBUM REVIEW: Geezer, "Groovy"

By: Chris Markwell

Album Type:  Full Length
Date Released: 12/06/2020
Label: Heavy Psych Sounds Records

“Groovy” CD//DD//LP track listing:

1.) Dig
2.) Atlas Electra
3.) Dead Soul Scroll
4.) Awake
5.) Groovy
6.) Drowning On Empty
7.) Slide Mountain
8.) Black Owl

The Review:

Let me get this straight: Geezer are a groovy band?
Yes, but also, they have a new album which is called Groovy.
I see.  So, groovy band Geezer create groovy record Groovy.  Which sounds… groovy. 

Well, this sounds… harmonious. 

In all seriousness, New York’s stoner trio have put their needle down and hit the groove just right on their upcoming release, due out 12th June 2020 and released from Heavy Psych Sounds Records.  It’s following on from 2017’s “Psychoriffadelia” LP, and the 2019 EP “Spiral Fires”, and “Groovy” certainly does exactly what it says on the tin.  I’m honestly trying not to judge a book by its cover, but when the cover literally says what to expect, and the music delivers on that expectation… I mean, what’s a boy to do?

Groove is in the heart, so saith the Lord, and Geezer duly preach the word on this album.  If Pantera were a power groove band, Geezer are their stoner equivalent.  Each of the eight songs on display here are geared to make your body move to their rhythm.  I dare you – I double dare you – to try and listen through without tapping your foot or nodding your head.  It’s impossible. 

Like a mellowed out Kyuss jamming with Clutch, Geezer sound heavy without having to be frantic about it.  The album’s songs are meticulously paced to make you move at a cruising speed, rather than a pedal to the metal frenzy.  It makes for a much more laid-back journey, ‘Atlas Electra’ being a fine example of this.  It uses slide guitar, multiple guitar overdubs on the solos, and a steady building of texture to turn it from this initially simple riff and drum duet, to this rolling juggernaut of slow speed but undeniable force and power.  

The title track of the album includes Hammond organs, an overture of thick guitar riffs, bass badassery and drum domination which reminded me of a souped-up version of Electric Eel Shock’s ‘My Favourite No. 9’, with ‘Groovy’ being an ode to the raw joy of music, unlike EES’s ode to lead singer Akihito Morimoto’s favourite things in life.  Groovy’ comes from a pure power source: a genuinely feel-good stoner smash that draws a smile on your face that would rival the Cheshire Cat’s. 

“Groovy” by name, groovy by contents.  Eight standout love songs to the gorgeous witch that is the Sick Riff.  Ash from the Evil Dead would absolutely rock to this while shopping smart… shopping S-Mart. 

“Groovy” is available HERE

Band info: facebook || bandcamp