Friday 24 April 2020

ALBUM PREMIERE: RESENT summon the sickness on vomit soaked sludge debut "Crosshairs"

Formed in 2017, in Victoria BC, today’s SLUDGELORD debutant RESENT, offer us ugliness plain and simple. Their music is disdainful and vomit drenched sludge and the six tracks that make up their debut LP “Crosshairs” is certain to make you reach for the vomit bucket.
The band draws heavily on the classic '90s sludge sound made 'famous' by Grief, Noothgrush, Corrupted, et al, but somehow manages to drag it further down into the putrid filth from which it was spawned, with the entire record reaching the despairing lows of the nastiest, bleakest moments of Meth Drinker.

It is our absolute fucking pleasure to debut “Crosshairs” in full below and you can order a copy on vinyl via the following labels  Dry Cough Records (UK) Nerve Altar (US) & Rope Or Guillotine (Netherlands)